Teem Room Booking with Crestron Integration

Teem is a developer of cloud-based meeting tools and analytics, helping companies optimize workspace and workplace experiences. A new partnership with Crestron brings the Teem Workplace Experience Platform’s consumer-like user interfaces to Crestron’s robust and trusted hardware ecosystem.


Teem meeting room booking software will be preinstalled on Crestron audio-visual hardware solutions seamlessly connecting people to places and technology leading to a more efficient and productive workplace. Going beyond meeting room management, Teem is integrating with Crestron connected motion sensors. The integration will allow customers to automate room check-in, occupancy-based booking, huddle space occupancy detection, and more.


The Teem Workplace Experience Platform integrates dynamic suites of tools into the physical and digital workplace. Employee-focused meeting tools, conference room displays, visitor management, and more work together to surface data on how space and facilities are used. Innovative companies—like Box, LinkedIn, GE, Boston Consulting Group, and Airbnb—use Teem to increase employee productivity and facilitate data-driven decision making. For more information on Teem, visit Teem.com/crestron/.


Teem makes it convenient to book meetings and reserve rooms because you don’t have to switch calendar systems to use it. Our platform sits on top of popular calendaring options and integrates with Office 365/Outlook, Google Apps and Exchange, so you can send out meeting invites and book conference rooms all in one spot. Included with Teem is a browser-based meeting room booking tool that gives you all the functionality of the Teem app. You can find and reserve a meeting room for a particular time and location. Make sure that the meeting room you book has the tool you need with enough room for everyone.


EventBoard’s room display themes for iPads are totally customizable, with the option for professionally designed themes that match your brand and company culture. You can even incorporate video. Or choose from a dozen standard themes, then add your own background image to personalize each room display. All of our themes offer a clean, user-friendly interface that makes your office stand out from the crowd.


A few minutes prior to the start of the event, EventBoard will display a check-in screen asking someone in the meeting to confirm the booking. If no one checks in, the reservation is automatically removed so that others can utilize the space.


Gear 7 is a professional AV integration company and can provide Teem either as a standalone product or in a Crestron integrated solution.