RTI is an established manufacturer of programmable control systems, including processors, remotes, touchscreens, keypads and accessories.


The company has come to the fore in the UK since the demise of Phillips Pronto, which coincided with significant development of the RTI product line, such as new remotes, a 2-way data system and an iPad app.


We have passed RTIs certified dealer exams and have experience of complex programming. We are also approved developers for their 2-way system, of which there are few in the UK at present. This means that we can write new software to control new or esoteric equipment, where others may have to rely on one-way control or sub-contracted services.


RTI's product range is evolving very rapidly at present and we are very excited to see the new developments.


To find out more about what we can do with RTI, see:

Home Automation and Lighting Systems

Control Systems

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The gallery below shows some photographs of RTI products.

Automation and Control