Commercial AV Systems and Boardrooms


Audio visual systems are everywhere in modern business. From a notices screen in the entrance lobby to the video conferencing facility in the boardroom; and a gymnasium's background music to digital signage in a shopping centre there is almost no escape!


Our role as a design and install provider is to help you to asses where av technology can make a meaningful difference to your business. Benefits can be as direct as supporting a higher price for your service or as subjective as improved employee morale and direction/leadership. Every business is different and we are happy to meet with you to discuss the best options for your company - impartially and without obligation.


Support for commercial systems is important. During the warranty period we provide guaranteed 48-hour response times (upgradeable to 24 hour through a service contract) and free email and telephone support. If the system is mission critical then we also allow 24/7 emergency contact. Outside of warranty, we can offer comprehensive service/support packages at very reasonable costs.


To find out more about the products and services we offer, please refer to the sections below.