Control Systems

You need a control system if you want to:

  • Make complex systems easy to use
  • Reduce wall clutter
  • Remotely control all aspects of your home
  • Allow lighting, heating, security and AV systems to interact


Control systems make AV and automation systems accessible, providing a single, unified interface to all sub-systems.


Rather than picking up multiple remote controls, a single touchscreen remote can provide all the functionality with far less complexity. 'Activity' macros execute the many commands necessary to turn-on and configure a complex system. Feedback of DVD/Bluray disc information and chapter titles, volume levels and even programme information can be displayed.


Wall mounted touchscreens can remove the need for the 'wall clutter' of door entry systems, thermostats and alarm keypads and provide a simpler interface, presenting only the controls necessary for a specific purpose.


Wireless touchscreens, tablets and smart phones offer all these benefits in a roaming format, ideal for controlling multi-room music or turning the heating up when you return from a holiday early.


Without a control system, all of these things are possible but complex, carrying a risk of error and inconvenience of addressing multiple interfaces or apps.

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Control Systems