Structured Cabling and Networks Design and Installation

You will need structured cabling to:

  • Build a data network
  • Run WiFi access points to improve signal
  • Distribute HD video
  • Support a business style phone system


When starting a project from scratch (i.e. new build or complete refurbishment) we always advocate the installation of a comprehensive structured wiring system


CAT5e and CAT6 UTP cables can be used for almost any type of signal - not just standard Ethernet, but telephone, HDMI, CCTV, RS232, digital audio, IR, analogue audio and more. This flexibility is enabled through use of media-converters. The cost of installing plenty of CAT5e and/or CAT6 from the outset is minimal compared to the potential cost of specialist cables, retrofitting and making good.


It is advisable to use wired connections for data networking wherever possible. WiFi networks have a finite capacity and performance decreases in-line with the number of connected clients. A properly designed wired network will not suffer from this problem.


If you are starting a new build or renovation project, please do talk to us about designing a structured cabling system to suit your future plans. A comprehensive system can support lighting, heating and security control as well as audio-visual technologies and truly opens up the possibilities as we move into the era of 'connected buildings'.

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Structured Cabling and Networks