Professional Sound and PA Systems Design and Installation

Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Whether you run a cosy wine bar, a 100 cover restaurant or a country pub we can design and install a sound system you can be proud of. Attractive and discrete speakers - even invisible ones - can be installed where aesthetics are paramount.


We maintain that all our systems should look great, sound great and be a joy to use - so we'll make sure the user interface is in keeping with the skills of your staff. What's the point in having a great system if nobody knows how to use it?


We can integrate sound systems with plasma/lcd displays or large-screen projectors. This may suit a busy bar or pub, enabling you to show music videos or Sky television with impressive sound quality.


Live Music and Theatre

Live music and theatre require a high quality sound system. Not only must the PA accurately reproduce the programme material, it must do so in a way that allows useful gain before feedback to be achieved.


Whether you are a band putting together a touring/gigging PA or a venue putting in a permanent installation, we can provide everything you need - including the advice and engineering knowledge for a professional end result.


Our company director, Chris Wood, has worked as a theatre sound engineer in the West End and on national tours and has a huge enthusiasm for the core principles of high quality theatre sound system.


Conference Venues

Many conferences and presentations are hindered by poor sound. Delegates are all too familiar with having to strain to hear each other across large rooms.


We have experience designing versatile and user-friendly conference sound systems. We can incorporate features such as wireless / radio microphones, interpretation systems, induction loops to assist the hard of hearing, discussion microphone systems and automated voting equipment.

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Sound and PA Systems