Smart Heating Controls and Multi-Zone Heating Installations

Save energy and make your home more comfortable - what's to lose?!


Figures vary but an average estimate is that about 60% of your home's energy cost is heating.


For relatively little hardware cost, big savings can be made in terms of running costs and carbon footprint.


Put simply, smart heating systems reduce the amount of heat you call for by:

  • Only heating the spaces that need to be heated at any one time
  • Heating each space only to the temperature you want it to be
  • Not heating the house when you are not at home


To achieve this, each room is fitted with its own thermostat or temperature sensor and the heating system is seperated into many zones. Most systems offer smart phone app control and can be integrated with other systems e.g. turn the heating off when you set the alarm to 'Away' or hit the 'All off' button on the front door lighting keypad.


The net result is a much more comfortable home and a greatly reduced energy bill.


Actual savings will vary dependent on factors like the thermal performance (insulation) of your home, how disciplined your family is when it comes to closing doors and the efficiency of your heating system. Simply by not heating bedrooms during the day and the downstairs at night, you could logically halve the cost of heating your home. This means that payback periods can be very fast - 1-3 years depending on your home's size and type of construction.


Using a smart system it is also possible to simply and properly control heating and towel rails (even dual-fuel type) in bathrooms/en-suites, so you don't have to worry about towels or wet room floors staying damp.

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Smart Heating